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Blue Skys

The grass is warm and soft to the touch. The breeze blows my hair around my face.I can hear bird song and see the mountains in the distance. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds that remind me of marshmallows. There’s a slight sweetness to the breeze. The trees seem to sway to some music only they can hear and all of this slowly lulls me into a trance. Memories run through my mind. A crow cries out in a near by tree bringing me back.  The only sound are the cars going by in the distance. A lift drifts by me on the afternoon air. Its so peaceful out here I can think clearly. Suddenly a Yellow buffalo flies through the sky. No I am not crazy its a plane. Such a beautiful day coming to a close and I think I am so lucky… to have a teacher who will let us go outside for an afternoon and do nothing.


A Tribute

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. An amazing man. His voice was a gift to the Hawai’ain islands. He became famous outside of hawaii when his album Facing Future came out in 1993. It had his medley of “some where over the rainbow” and “what a wonderful world” on it which was featured in several movies, TV shows and commercils.

Isreal Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole (AKA Bruddah Iz) was born on May 20, 1959 at Kuakini Hospital in Honolulu to Henry Kaleialoha Naniwa Kamakawiwoʻole, Jr. and Evangeline Leinani Kamakawiwoʻole (yes I agree his fathers name is VERY long). He began playing music at the age of 11 with his brother Skippy. His instruments were ukulele and his voice.

He grew up in Kaimuki were his parents had met and married. In his early teens his family move to Makaha, Hawaii. There he met his soon to be band mates Louis “Moon” Kaukahi, Sam Gray and Jerome Koko. Him and his brother Skippy formed a band with these other four men and called it The Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau. Throughout 1976 to 1980 they toured throughout Hawaii and the USA and the band gained popularity. They also releasled 15 sucessful albums.

In 1982 Iz’s brotehr Skippy Died of a heart attack. In the same year Iz married his child hood sweet heart and soon after they had a daughter whom they named Ceslieanne “Wehi”.

Throughout the later part of his life Iz suffered from suvere obesity and at one point put on 769 pounds on his 6’2 frame. He endured several hospitalizations and on June 26, 1997 at 12:18 am He died of weight-related respiratory illness at 38 years old. He lives in through his wife Marlene Kamaawiwo’ole and his daughter Ceslianne “Wehi”.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole 1959-1997



Poor Little Porker








The water looked so cold. As I walked closer to the edge of the diving board it started to bend and I started to slip. “NOOOOOOOOOO IT’S TO COLD!!!!” I scream. “I’m not ready to die. I see the light!”  The board keeps pointed down and I keep slipping. My tiny frame was shaking. ”HELP I’M FAWING SOMEONE SAVE ME”. No body comes. I’m all alone and I’m going to die. I will fall down into the depths of the water and be gone. I’ll meet the same fate as my father and mother. “NOOOO I’M GOING TO BE BACON!!!!!!!” it was the end for me. I couldn’t hold on any longer. It was time to let go. I slid to the end of the board and tipped right over the edge. “GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD”! The water surrounded me. I was bacon. I can here “poor little porker. He didn’t even have a chance.” And then I go under. All of a sudden I reach the surface. ” I CAN BREATHE!” I scream. I get out of the pool, shake myself off and say “Lets do it again”.

Picture by: loungerie


What’s your tune?







I love listening to music and finding new music to listen to. When I write a post about music I want to find out what your listening to so I decided to make a survey about music! Finding new music is like finding a new best friend. It sticks with you through thick and thin and is always there to lean on. So, what’s your tune?

What’s your tune?