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Stop in The Name of the Law…

…The Canadian Justice System

I hope that anyone who reads this post never has to go to court for any reason whether it be witness, victim or accused.

A courtroom. One place you only want to be if your a lawyer or on jury duty or a judge. In class we have been learning about justice through the three little pigs story. That may sound funny but its a good story to use. We have been trying to figure out who should be brought to justice. One of the things we learned about is who is in the courtroom and what are there jobs. Here are some different jobs in a courtroom.

The Judge

The judge is one of the most important people in the courtroom. If there is no jury it is his job to decide if the accused is guilty or innocent. He/she has to listen carefully to the evidence and make sure the court is a safe place to testify. He makes sure the rules of the court are followed and makes a sentence for the accused if they are found guilty.

The Court Clerk

The court clerk is the official assistant to the judge. They call the court to order and makes the person on stand swear on there religious book (aboriginals may swear holding an eagle feather) or take an oath if the do not practice a religion, to tell the truth about everything they say.

Court Officer/Sheriff

The court officer is in the room to escort the accused to there seat and make sure the court stays safe. If the accused is already in custody the court officer may have to bring them to the prisoner box (A wooden box were if the accused are in custody may sit).

Crown Attorney

The crown attorney works for the province or territory. There job is to prove the accused is guilty by asking the victim and witness’s questions.

Fairness in Court

The court case must be fair to both people. The sentence depends on the crime and whether or not the judge or jury finds the accused guilty or not guilty. The court has to put everything they think about the accused to the side until they can be proved guilty or innocent.

 The accused family can not be their lawyer or be in the jury or be the judge of the trial because they will either think one way or the other and may choose unfairlyin the final choice. This also applys to the victims family. Family members involved in a case are not good because they are in a mind set that is not fair to both sides.

There must be enough evidance againest someone to put a case to trail. If there is no evidance to accuse someone then there is nothing but a crime left unsolved.


Well that just about wraps it up for now. I hope this information helps you and like before, I hope you never have to be in a court of law as the accused or victom.