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This is my favorite picture I took with the software

The Glocal project. From Arts Umbrella.

Ah art. The best expression. A window into the soul. Art is so many different things it just depends on how you see it. Art is a way to express everything that is inside you. Writing, drawing, painting, poetry even dance and singing are all forms of art, but I have to say one of my favorite forms of art is photography. You can take a camera anywhere and capture something amazing. All the pictures I took were in the computer lab because the camera was like a web cam and it was attached to the computer.

Arts Umbrella is an art school in Vancouver, BC. People from age 2 – 30 are going to the school and taking classes or going there full time. We were lucky enough to have a teacher and a volunteer come to our school every morning for the last 2 weeks. Josh is a teacher at arts umbrella and he showed us some of his work and it was amazing and creative. Franziska is a volunteer from Germany who is also helping out. They are both very nice and fun.

The Process of taking a picture

What to do, what to do? When I take pictures I tend to get stuck when I’m limited to a space filled with computers and brown walls. Some times I had to get ideas from people around me. The picture I took is actually a picture of the computer I work at. The glass screen made beautiful patterns when I moved the camera around.¬†The camera is connected with the USB port so we can’t move very far away. The software we used was easy to navigate and take pictures with and its a free program and you can get it off the site I have linked to above.


Again I want to thank Josh and Franziska for being so much fun and teaching us how to take a good picture and that you can get inspiration from anywhere.