School is only 3 weeks away. Summer really went by quickly for me. For the last three weeks I have been traveling around Canada. I started out just going to a volleyball camp around home and I really had fun. Not even a week later We packed our bags and left to the lake. I wrote a post earlier this year about my two favorite places in the world and one of them is Seech lake. Its about 20 minutes out of Rossburn which is a small town north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love going there and seeing my family. This year was lots of fun because I got to babysit my baby cousin who is only 2 1/2. She is the cutest. I spent lots of time with Tyanna and Annika because they are the only girls. They are both younger then me. Annika is 9 and Tyanna is the baby. my other cousins are all boys and all at least 2 years older then me. I enjoyed seeing the people I haven’t seen since last year. After We spent 2 weeks there my mom, brother and I traveled with my some of my cousins to there home in Edmonton. In Edmonton Annika and I were doing a Ukrainian Dance camp with a group called the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers. They are a very big group and in the summers they do camps with who ever is interested. This year the Region we were focusing on was Polissia which is the least populated region in Ukrainian. We did lots of Ballet Barre and other various things. Taking this camp was awesome for me because I want to start helping with choreographing  some dances in my home dance group. I’m starting to really take my dance seriously. After a week there we finally started to travel back to my home land. Back to Beautiful British Columbia. We got to Vancouver 2 days later and spent a night at my second cousins. She had just gone to a Gay Pride perade which I think was great of her to do. She got to march down the streets (but she only did that for a little while) and then watch the perade. There were some really good pictures she got of all the people in the perade. The next day we got a farrey back to the Island and in 2 hours I was home. It was a long time away from everything I knew but it was fun.

Since I got home 3 days ago I have been spending lots of time with friends. My best friend Aja came to visit from Prince George and it was great to see her. The last two days I spent time with my some of my really good friends from around here swimming in a nearby river.  Its been a great summer and I hope it gets better.

CONGRATS COURTENAY!!!! We have beaten the heat record from many years in a row. The heat has been unbarable I hear. TO BAD A WASN’T HERE :P!!!!

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