Chris Brown: A sad story.

In Febuary of this year Chris was arrested for assualt on his girlfriend (at the time) Rhianna.  Since this happened there has been a lot of contraversay on what happened and he has been attacked with insalts and racial slurs on Facebook, Myspace and other internet sites. On his officail home page he has an apoligie video and I think that he deserves the chance to prove he is truly sorry for what happened. Check it out.

In part of the video he says that he grew up in a house with violence. If you didn’t know  he saw his step dad beat his mother when he was still very young. It would be a very hard thing to expeirince and it would affect him for many years to come.

I belive that Chris is a good person that made a very big mistake. It was a choice that was made out of anger and I hope he gains forgivness from more and more people. He is still the same person he was before and thats never going to change.

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