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Stop in The Name of the Law…

…The Canadian Justice System

I hope that anyone who reads this post never has to go to court for any reason whether it be witness, victim or accused.

A courtroom. One place you only want to be if your a lawyer or on jury duty or a judge. In class we have been learning about justice through the three little pigs story. That may sound funny but its a good story to use. We have been trying to figure out who should be brought to justice. One of the things we learned about is who is in the courtroom and what are there jobs. Here are some different jobs in a courtroom.

The Judge

The judge is one of the most important people in the courtroom. If there is no jury it is his job to decide if the accused is guilty or innocent. He/she has to listen carefully to the evidence and make sure the court is a safe place to testify. He makes sure the rules of the court are followed and makes a sentence for the accused if they are found guilty.

The Court Clerk

The court clerk is the official assistant to the judge. They call the court to order and makes the person on stand swear on there religious book (aboriginals may swear holding an eagle feather) or take an oath if the do not practice a religion, to tell the truth about everything they say.

Court Officer/Sheriff

The court officer is in the room to escort the accused to there seat and make sure the court stays safe. If the accused is already in custody the court officer may have to bring them to the prisoner box (A wooden box were if the accused are in custody may sit).

Crown Attorney

The crown attorney works for the province or territory. There job is to prove the accused is guilty by asking the victim and witness’s questions.

Fairness in Court

The court case must be fair to both people. The sentence depends on the crime and whether or not the judge or jury finds the accused guilty or not guilty. The court has to put everything they think about the accused to the side until they can be proved guilty or innocent.

 The accused family can not be their lawyer or be in the jury or be the judge of the trial because they will either think one way or the other and may choose unfairlyin the final choice. This also applys to the victims family. Family members involved in a case are not good because they are in a mind set that is not fair to both sides.

There must be enough evidance againest someone to put a case to trail. If there is no evidance to accuse someone then there is nothing but a crime left unsolved.


Well that just about wraps it up for now. I hope this information helps you and like before, I hope you never have to be in a court of law as the accused or victom.


Blue Skys

The grass is warm and soft to the touch. The breeze blows my hair around my face.I can hear bird song and see the mountains in the distance. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds that remind me of marshmallows. There’s a slight sweetness to the breeze. The trees seem to sway to some music only they can hear and all of this slowly lulls me into a trance. Memories run through my mind. A crow cries out in a near by tree bringing me back.  The only sound are the cars going by in the distance. A lift drifts by me on the afternoon air. Its so peaceful out here I can think clearly. Suddenly a Yellow buffalo flies through the sky. No I am not crazy its a plane. Such a beautiful day coming to a close and I think I am so lucky… to have a teacher who will let us go outside for an afternoon and do nothing.


To Blog or Not to Blog…

That is the question.

Ah, blogging. The true way to tell people what you think. If you’re using a pen and paper you can only show the people in your family and the people in your town but blogging makes it so you can tell the world what you’re thinking. I’ve been blogging for about 6 or 7 months and it’s added something to how I write.

Time to compare

I think that if I had the choice between paper and pencil VS. Blogging I would choose blogging. Blogging is a lot easier for me because typing does not take that long and its like playing the piano. Your fingers have to move in the same way. The sound of your fingers against the keyboard and the smooth flow of your hands moving across the keys…you can’t get that from a pencil and paper. Sitting in a class room listening to the teacher talk and talk about language arts and telling us what writing should be from some book compared to just getting to write and let people know what you think all over the world is so much better. Getting to learn in a different way and learn from other students and hear there views on things is (I find) more interesting because its more than just what a book has to teach you. It’s someone else talking.

The Reasoning

I write. I write a lot and to be able to write freely about something that I might be shy about is great. If people like it that’s great, but if they don’t like it its better then standing up in front of a class and have people laugh or point or snicker. You get to connect to people that you would have never met otherwise and you can find out what other classmates are really like. You can make friends with someone in your class that you might not have ever talked to. If you go and read their blog you get to know what their like and who they are.

I could talk forever about how great blogging is but instead if you want to know what it’s like to blog then you should find out for yourself.

Picture by: Kevin Zollman


If I was an Olympic Athlete

If I was a sports person i’d be a Volleyball player
You are a people person. You like to be around all sorts, and thrive in a team environment. You also are drawn to boundaries, such as those provided by nets, court lines and mainstream music — why rock the boat? At the same time, travelling by air is the only way to go.
Click here to find out what type of athlete you would be…

This is not a very good picture. It looks a lot more like a man to me.

I think that this quiz is moderately accurate because I am a volleyball player on the U13 team here in the comox valley. My mom Played on the Canadian national team and was supposed to go to the Olympics but they got boycotted that year.


Christmas Break Dancer?

Our class was involed in a challenge to make pivot animations. The challenge: they had to be break dancing. This is my video. I love hip hop and street. I really love street so some of the moves I put in I learned from my dance teacher. Enjoy!

Break Dancing Pivot from Jan Smith on Vimeo.


Me and my Mistakes

I am a klutz. Its as easy as that. When I was five I fell off the arm of my down stairs sofa and there was a wooden truck with really sharp edges and I whacked my head on it and got rushed to the hospital and I ended up with 6 stitches. I think that is the worst thing I have done but the most klutzy would be… When I fracturedmy wrist at the beginning of grade four. I was Chasing my dog and I tripped over the bottom of my pajama’s. When I got up off the ground I had a bloody elbow and my wrist really hurt. a week later I got my x-rays and I had fractured my wrist. I was going to take a picture of me pointing with my brace on at the camera and send it to my cousin because he broke his thumb that summer and I was going to say I blame you but we never got around to it. I have always been a klutz. just this year I tripped over a big table in the hallway at my school. I will probably have more “mistakes” before Christmas break.


Hallow’s eve

It’s is going to be the scariest year yet.Last Friday was Halloween.

Since I’m so tall it mite be my last year. For Halloween I’m going to be a scary spider person with cobwebs and plastic spiders in my going to be purple hair. I will be wearing black furry boots with star tights with a skirt. I don’t know what kind of top I will wear but I think this costume will be good. The tights can get itchy sometimes but they usually don’t. I really hope that I get lots of candy and that lots of people give me comments about my costume.

What are you being for Halloween?



On Thursday I went to go see the play Oliver! Its was fantastic! One of my family friends Christian was the lead role of Oliver. Three other’s I know were also in the play! It was such a funny, energetic play! There was lots of catchy music and the lines were really smart. Me and my mom got the tickets a little late so we didn’t get to sit together but we still enjoyed much much more then I thought I would! I really want to watch the movie and read the book now because of how good it was.



At my school we have a grade 6 soccer team and I’mon it. The team has played three games and will have a tournament soon. We have won all three games. The whole team is really fortunate because we have a lot of the rep players. Our first game we won 14-0 and our second was a close one but I can’t remember the score. The game we had on Thursday was also close but we managed to win it. Our team is really good at passing and we can all get along. At our tournament I hope we do really well because our team has been working hard on the field and our goalies are working really hard too make sure no shots get in. Of course a couple of shots got in in the second and third game. The other team’s did really good too.