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What I’ve missed.

So I haven’t written in a long time and there are some pretty big things I missed out on so heres what I missed since June of last year.

Michael Jackson died. that was a huge hit to the music world. The “King of Pop” gone. I loved his music and his style. He was not afraid of what people thought and he was a romodel in an odd way but still and amazing man. His dancing was amazing and yes I am aware he did not create the moon walk he only made it famous.

THE OLYMPICS!!!! I’m personally regretful for not writing about it because it was only three hours away from where i live. I live on Vancouver Island which is right beside Vancouver and my cousin, who lives there, was lucky enough to go to a hockey game and my brothers friend got to go to two games. Sophie from my class last year got to go to the rehesal for the opening ceremonies. It was such an amazing thing and unfortunatly I missed alot of it because of school but so did most people. My favorite event would have to Snowboarding because I love snowboard cross. If I had the chance to try it I would so go for it. I also really enjoyed the hockey and mogels. It was so cool to watch even on TV. I got to see The Richmond Oval when I was visiting and I also got to see the olympic rings. I’m hoping to go back soon and see the olympic village.

The FIFA World Cup which is still going on right now. I’m not that interested in Soccer but some of my class mates wouldn’t be able to live without it. We have gotten the chance to watch some of the games in class on the overhead. I’m really happy that its in South Africa this year because they deserve to have another amazing event. They had the Rugby world cup but when Nelson Mandela was still the presidant which was such an amazing thing for them and I can’t imagian what it would be like to have that kind of honor. espescially because of what the country has gone though.

So those are the things that have happened in the past year that are important to the rest of the world and now I’m going to move on to the things that have been really important to me in the past year.

This year my volleyball came 22nd out of 35 in our Provincials which was so great to be a part of and get to be a co-captian of the team. We did so well compared to how we’ve done in past years. Next year I hope we can do even better at Provincials and make it to nationals. That would be truly amazing to get that chance

Ukrainian dance this year was just an amazing experiance. I was able to help teach a class and I hope to continue with that next year. At the Mission Ukrainian dance festival every age group was able to win a gold for there dance and a bronze for our whole group dance. It was great to be a part of such a big family in more of a way by getting to be a part of my little kids class. They seem to really like me and I really enjoyed teaching them.

So that’s whats happened this year that I never wrote about. That should just about catch you up :P


Happy New Year!

Its now the first day of 2010! 2009 was the year of firsts and lasts for me and now its a fresh start. I watched the seconds tick past to 2010 and now were finally here.

I haven’t written anything lately so I thought I would just catch up on some stuff that I didn’t blog about , the only thing was really Michael Jackson dieing (rest in peace king of pop).

I have two questions for you. What did you do for New Years? What are some of your New Years resolutions?

Oh and by the way MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!!!




This is my favorite picture I took with the software

The Glocal project. From Arts Umbrella.

Ah art. The best expression. A window into the soul. Art is so many different things it just depends on how you see it. Art is a way to express everything that is inside you. Writing, drawing, painting, poetry even dance and singing are all forms of art, but I have to say one of my favorite forms of art is photography. You can take a camera anywhere and capture something amazing. All the pictures I took were in the computer lab because the camera was like a web cam and it was attached to the computer.

Arts Umbrella is an art school in Vancouver, BC. People from age 2 – 30 are going to the school and taking classes or going there full time. We were lucky enough to have a teacher and a volunteer come to our school every morning for the last 2 weeks. Josh is a teacher at arts umbrella and he showed us some of his work and it was amazing and creative. Franziska is a volunteer from Germany who is also helping out. They are both very nice and fun.

The Process of taking a picture

What to do, what to do? When I take pictures I tend to get stuck when I’m limited to a space filled with computers and brown walls. Some times I had to get ideas from people around me. The picture I took is actually a picture of the computer I work at. The glass screen made beautiful patterns when I moved the camera around. The camera is connected with the USB port so we can’t move very far away. The software we used was easy to navigate and take pictures with and its a free program and you can get it off the site I have linked to above.


Again I want to thank Josh and Franziska for being so much fun and teaching us how to take a good picture and that you can get inspiration from anywhere.


A Very Sad Story

Yes this is more sad then the time my cat ran away.

Just a little while ago something very sad happened. It hit the Comox Valley with no warning. The Comox Valley’s MLA had a heart attack and died.

The head line was on the front page of the news paper. Stan Hagen was gone. He had a mager heart attack and he did not make it. His family is probably shocked and heart broken. He was a great man who did so much for our community working as the representative for sports and activeities for the valley and then become our MLA and doing many other things as well. I have only met him about 2 or 3 times but I still am upset about it and I feel for his family. My parents knew him and they were saying that it was so out of no where and very unexpected. I hope that his family recovers soon and I’m sure we will all miss him.

R.I.P. Stan Hagen