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Happy New Year!

Its now the first day of 2010! 2009 was the year of firsts and lasts for me and now its a fresh start. I watched the seconds tick past to 2010 and now were finally here.

I haven’t written anything lately so I thought I would just catch up on some stuff that I didn’t blog about , the only thing was really Michael Jackson dieing (rest in peace king of pop).

I have two questions for you. What did you do for New Years? What are some of your New Years resolutions?

Oh and by the way MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!!!


Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday Febuary 14th Valentines Day 2009!!

Every year Febuary 14th People all over the world celebrate love. The History of Valentines Day is unclear as there are about 3 or 4 differant things that could have happened. The one that I learned was St. Valentine was put into jail and on the day of his exicusion (feb. 14th) the children made little cards and gave them to St. Valentine through the bars on his cell. The history may not be clear but the meaning of Valentines Day now is very clear.

We use Valentines Day to celebrate the ones we love and how much we love them. We are given a chance on this one day to do something truly special for that one in your heart or to celebrate with family and friends. On this day its all about how much you care.

This year my parents went on vacation for two weeks and part of that two weeks was Valentines day so I didn’t get to spend the day with them. This year My Best Friend Inanna Invited me to her birthday which was on Valentines Day! I got to spend the day with a people that are very close to me and are almost family. I had lots of fun and I really enjoyed Valentines Day.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines day and I hope to hear from you soon!


Christmas Memories

Every child (probably the teenagers too) every year stay awake at night waiting…waiting…waiting.One of the only nights of the year that they just can’t wait till morning . Christmas Eve. Ever since I was old enough to be excited I have been excited for Christmas. For em Christmas isn’t just about the presents or teh food. For me its more about the company and being able to spend time with my family. I have two brothers and a sister and my sister and one of my brothers don’t live in my house anymore so its one of the only times I get to see them.

Every year at Christmas my dad gets a little grumpy. He doesn’t really like having to put up the lights or the tree. He’s always very busy and its hard on him. The worst part is shoveling snow. My dad has a bad back and so he always hurts his back shoveling snow. This year when I get home and there’s fresh snow on the ground I become a helper. if my dad and mom aren’t home or if my mom is home I go outside and shovel snow for my dad.

My house is always alive around this time of year. The Christmas dinner is always at my house and this year my aunt moved to town so that’s one more family that’s coming. Sometimes my cousins come and we all celebrate together (my cousins live in Vancouver). I remember one year at Christmas when my cousins came all of the kids had to eat down stairs and one of my cousins did have any mashed potatoes. We all asked him why and he just said “I don’t like potatoes.”. We all called him crazy. When we asked “why do you LOVE french fries then?” and he said ” because their tasty and good!”. Everyone laughed and then kept eating.

One of the best things about my Christmas is I’m half Ukrainian. I get to celebrate twice. Once on Christmas and then again on January 6th. Ukrainian Christmas is not the same as normal Christmas. The Traditions are much different. Here in Courtenay we have a Ukrainian Cultural Society. I am a part of the Ukrainian Dance group we have here in the valley. Every year we celebrate Christmas  in January as a group. We have twelve dishes with no meat or dairy. The first dish is Wheat and honey. I don’t remember the name but its good. After that we have Kolach (Ukrainian Christmas bread). After that we get to REALLY eat. We get Perogies and sauerkraut. Plum Perogies and kielbasa. The food is great and so is the company. Everyone in the Ukrainian club is like family to me and always has been. I don’t get a second set of gifts but most other people do. I love who I am and being able to have this opportunity.

Now you know what I do at Christmas, I want to know what you do for Christmas! Please send it in a comment so I know what you do and learn about your traditions.

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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know. Here in the Valley we don’t always get snow but speak of the devil I just got a comment saying I hope you get snow soon and today at this moment it is snowing! I have had a lot of those moments lately but I’m glad. SNOW! I really hope we keep getting snow and I really would like a white Christmas. I think having snow on Christmas is just so magical. I really think its the most beautiful thing and its just nice to have snow and be able to go see people and enjoy the snow with them. The holidays are my favorite time of year because its all about friends and family. I have grown up in a house were family and friends are very important and its better to give then to receive. I really hope that this year is going to be the best because I’m older and more able to be thankful for everything I get no matter how small. I’m really glad we have snow and I hope it stays. Thank you Spenser for the comment. Thank you Stephanie for the comment. YEA SNOW!!!!


Remberance Dream


November 11 1915                                                                                                              

Dear Parents

The days get longer and colder every day. The trench water is almost up to my knees now. It’s almost all there is now after last night at least. Do you remember little John from down the road? He’s coming home but… we lost him last night after the attack.

 The trench foot is getting worse and worse. There are more diseases now then ever before. The smell of the dead wafts in the air. The gun fire rings in my ears.

Those socks you sent help when it’s cold and I need to think of home and the ones I love. The wounds of the war cut deep but not only on the skin. Tell Joel I love him and miss him and I hope that he did well one his first day of kindergarten. I miss you all so much and wish to be home soon.

Write me when my Edward gets back.

Sincerly Your Daughter



Howlin’ halloween

On Friday our class had a celebration all about Halloween.

We didn’t have lots of candy or any music though we had stations like Ghost Bowling, French Halloween Bingo and Computer games. It was lots of fun. I liked ghost bowling and the computer games most because I love going bowling and I haven’t got to go in so long and I really liked the computer games because they were all Halloween games like a Halloween Hangman and the skeleton was the person and it said some pretty funny stuff and its attitude was sorta glum but it made it more fun.

Another thing that happened at our school on Halloween was a costume parade and our class preformed Halloween safety skits for the grade 1,2,3 class’s.

The costume parade was lots of fun and they put music on through the PA system. Here are some of the songs they put on: “Thriller”, “Ghost Busters”, and “Monster Mash”. We walked up and down the halls as a school and got to see everyone’s costumes.

After the school finished the costume parade our class went to our multipurpose room with all of our props and each group practiced their skits. Then all of the younger kids came in and we got ready to do our skits. My group wasthe Rewind Time chorus. The Rewind Time chorus is a group of kids who when its time in the skits swing their arm’s around backwards and say “Rewind Time!”.  In my groups skit I play an old granny who has to stop her granddaughter from running into the   middle of the road and getting hit by a car.

This year’s Halloween was lots of fun. How was your Halloween?


Hallow’s eve

It’s is going to be the scariest year yet.Last Friday was Halloween.

Since I’m so tall it mite be my last year. For Halloween I’m going to be a scary spider person with cobwebs and plastic spiders in my going to be purple hair. I will be wearing black furry boots with star tights with a skirt. I don’t know what kind of top I will wear but I think this costume will be good. The tights can get itchy sometimes but they usually don’t. I really hope that I get lots of candy and that lots of people give me comments about my costume.

What are you being for Halloween?


Pitt Meadows Adventure

This weekend was Thanksgiving and I didn’t have turkey. I didn’t have pumpkin pie. I didn’t even get to celebrate! Why? Because I had to go to Pitt Meadows for my brother’s hockey tournament for the Bantam B rep team.

On Friday I left school early so we could get every thing packed and catch the 5:00 ferry. We had a reservation so we had to be there 30 minutes before. The ferry is in Nanaimo and I live in Courtenay. It’s about a 1 and a half hour drive. Luckily we made it. We arrived in Vancouver at about 7:00. Then we got to go to a Vancouver giant’s game. The Vancouver Giants are the junior A team for Vancouver. Junior A is the hockey level before pro.

I got to sit with my friends who are also siblings of a player on the team. I sat in the middle with my parents behind me and luckily no one in the seats in front of us. We put our feet up and watched the game. It was very exciting because there were lots of fights. In the end the Giants won against the Kelowna rockets. After the game we got back in the car and drove.

I was listening to my music when the car stopped. I looked up and we were at the hotel in Maple Ridge. Maple Ridge is about 5 to 10 minutes away from Pit Meadows. We got all of our stuff up to our room and I found out our room was right next to my friend Gillian’s room.

The next morning my brother’s team had a game at 10:00 am and another later that day. At the first game my friends and I were looking around the rink and we found this really cool lounge like place and we could watch the game from up there. We didn’t really watch the game but we did check the score every once in a while. In the end the game ended up 6-0 for the other team. The same thing happened that night. 3-0 final score.

The next day the Bantam B Chief’s lost both their games. Tomorrow we would be going home. It was a great weekend.