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What I’ve missed.

So I haven’t written in a long time and there are some pretty big things I missed out on so heres what I missed since June of last year.

Michael Jackson died. that was a huge hit to the music world. The “King of Pop” gone. I loved his music and his style. He was not afraid of what people thought and he was a romodel in an odd way but still and amazing man. His dancing was amazing and yes I am aware he did not create the moon walk he only made it famous.

THE OLYMPICS!!!! I’m personally regretful for not writing about it because it was only three hours away from where i live. I live on Vancouver Island which is right beside Vancouver and my cousin, who lives there, was lucky enough to go to a hockey game and my brothers friend got to go to two games. Sophie from my class last year got to go to the rehesal for the opening ceremonies. It was such an amazing thing and unfortunatly I missed alot of it because of school but so did most people. My favorite event would have to Snowboarding because I love snowboard cross. If I had the chance to try it I would so go for it. I also really enjoyed the hockey and mogels. It was so cool to watch even on TV. I got to see The Richmond Oval when I was visiting and I also got to see the olympic rings. I’m hoping to go back soon and see the olympic village.

The FIFA World Cup which is still going on right now. I’m not that interested in Soccer but some of my class mates wouldn’t be able to live without it. We have gotten the chance to watch some of the games in class on the overhead. I’m really happy that its in South Africa this year because they deserve to have another amazing event. They had the Rugby world cup but when Nelson Mandela was still the presidant which was such an amazing thing for them and I can’t imagian what it would be like to have that kind of honor. espescially because of what the country has gone though.

So those are the things that have happened in the past year that are important to the rest of the world and now I’m going to move on to the things that have been really important to me in the past year.

This year my volleyball came 22nd out of 35 in our Provincials which was so great to be a part of and get to be a co-captian of the team. We did so well compared to how we’ve done in past years. Next year I hope we can do even better at Provincials and make it to nationals. That would be truly amazing to get that chance

Ukrainian dance this year was just an amazing experiance. I was able to help teach a class and I hope to continue with that next year. At the Mission Ukrainian dance festival every age group was able to win a gold for there dance and a bronze for our whole group dance. It was great to be a part of such a big family in more of a way by getting to be a part of my little kids class. They seem to really like me and I really enjoyed teaching them.

So that’s whats happened this year that I never wrote about. That should just about catch you up :P


Favorite Songs

HEY EVERYONE!!!!! So its been a pretty crazy new year so far and I’m not sure if I’ve broken any new years resolutions or not because I didn’t write them down and I think I forgot them all. Anyway. I haven’t written about my favorite songs in a while so I thought it might be a good idea. . I really like the piano. And yes I did hear it on Vampire Diaries. It was the only good qualitie video also.

The video is for my Number one: Cut by Plumb

2. Pain- Three Days Grace

3. Its Over- Jesse McCartney

4. Teenagers- MCR

5. Pain- Jimmy Eat World

6. Cry Me a River- Justin Timberlake

7. Lost- Michael Buble

8. 3.14 Apple Pie- Bo Burnham

9.  Replay- IYAZ

10. Possiblity- Seirra Noble

So There are my top 10 favorite song right now. Some of them are reacurring and some are new well not so much new are new favorites. I hope you like the songs and search them up on youtube or something. What are your top 10?



A good old Canadian band from Edmonton called Turn Me Up won Disband last year. They changed there name to Stereos and became one of the biggest new bands in 2009. There songs Summer Girl and Throw Your Hands Up are incredibly popular and some of there other songs include Hey cupid and Jet Black Cadillac. They are my favorite R&B/Hip Hop/alternative band. They have really good music and I love there songs.



I can haz cheezeburger

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To Be or Not To Be

There are so many things that I could be.

  1. Author

Writing is my passion. I blog, I write poems, I write songs, I write storeys, I’m working on another book. The list goes on. I have been writing for a long time and it really helps me get rid of things that Idon’t want in my life and things that I need to move on from. When something happens with a friend… I write about it. When something happens in my family… I write about it. There was a really hard part of my life that probably lots of people go through and I want to be able to write about it and let the people that are going through it know that there are other people out there who go through the same thing. Writing can help you and other people get through things that are hard and I want to be able to do that and make a difference in some one’s life because of a book. That’s why I want to be an author.

   2. Hair Stylist

I like to be creative and use colour in things. Working with hair helps make other people feel good about how they look and its just so much fun. My mom and sister have friends who are hair dressers and my mom’s friend went to Paris to study painting and is in art school. My sisters friend is really creative and cool and does my sisters hair and it looks awesome. I just really want to be a hair stylist because its so fun and is a great way to be creative and meet some really interesting people.

  3. Motor Cross Racer

This one probably sounds ridiculous because a lot of people think that this kind of thing is for guys. Well no its not just for guys. I have been interested in motor cross racing for a while and ,unfortunately, I will not get the chance to ride as a kid. One because there is no place to ride. Two because the bikes are WAY to expensive. The chance of a life time is what I call it and even though I will most likely never make it close to going pro it would still be an awesome job to have.

  4. A Math Professor

Ah math. To most kids they run away from math and hate it but for me math is the best. Math and Science are my favorite subjects and I am pretty good at it. I like doing equations and chemistry. If not math I want tobe a chemist or something with computers. Math is just so cool and you can solve so many things with different math equations or rules.

  5.A Singer

Just like ever other little girl I always wanted t be a pop star. As I got older I got interested in differant kinds of music. I now want to be in a band or be a solo artist. I write songs adn play guitar and piano. I really enjoy playing music. I want to one day be successful in the music buisness.



Poor Little Porker








The water looked so cold. As I walked closer to the edge of the diving board it started to bend and I started to slip. “NOOOOOOOOOO IT’S TO COLD!!!!” I scream. “I’m not ready to die. I see the light!”  The board keeps pointed down and I keep slipping. My tiny frame was shaking. ”HELP I’M FAWING SOMEONE SAVE ME”. No body comes. I’m all alone and I’m going to die. I will fall down into the depths of the water and be gone. I’ll meet the same fate as my father and mother. “NOOOO I’M GOING TO BE BACON!!!!!!!” it was the end for me. I couldn’t hold on any longer. It was time to let go. I slid to the end of the board and tipped right over the edge. “GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD”! The water surrounded me. I was bacon. I can here “poor little porker. He didn’t even have a chance.” And then I go under. All of a sudden I reach the surface. ” I CAN BREATHE!” I scream. I get out of the pool, shake myself off and say “Lets do it again”.

Picture by: loungerie


7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I was challenged by my blogging friend Amanda to write 7 random things about me. I wrote one of these before but I think its a good idea to re-write them so you can learn some new things about me! So…here are my 7 facts about me!

  1. I am a Ukrainian Dancer and have been with the group here in the Comox Valley for 8 years. I have very good friends in that group including my Best Friend Inanna.
  2. I like rollercoaster but at the beginging I get really scared about what’s gonna happen when it starts and then after I want to go again and again and again.
  3. When I was 4 I feel off the arm on my sofa and cracked the back of my head open on a wooden truck with a really sharp edge. I was rushed to the hospital and had to get 8 stitchs.
  4. When I was 9 I was chasing my dog at my Nana’s house and I tripped over the toe of my pajama pants (yes it was the middle of the afternoon and I was wearing pj pants) and I fell and my wrist was really hurting. During the next week my wrist was still really hurting so we went to the docters who, sent us to the hospitable, where I got an x-ray and it turns out I fractured my wrist.
  5. I write songs. Lyrics and music.
  6. I tend to get sick alot.
  7. I am 6″ and my shoe size is 11 mens, 12 1/2 womens.

Those are my 7 random things about me. I am going to challenge:








To write there own seven random facts and I hope to have them write back!


If I was an Olympic Athlete

If I was a sports person i’d be a Volleyball player
You are a people person. You like to be around all sorts, and thrive in a team environment. You also are drawn to boundaries, such as those provided by nets, court lines and mainstream music — why rock the boat? At the same time, travelling by air is the only way to go.
Click here to find out what type of athlete you would be…

This is not a very good picture. It looks a lot more like a man to me.

I think that this quiz is moderately accurate because I am a volleyball player on the U13 team here in the comox valley. My mom Played on the Canadian national team and was supposed to go to the Olympics but they got boycotted that year.


8 Ways to Annoy People in an Elevator

Have you ever been in an elevator with nothing to do and the elevator music is driving you insane? well I have and I have now developed a strategic plan. Annoy every one around you. Here are some idea’s on how to annoy them.

  1. Move into the corner and stick your nose in it and then meow on occasion.
  2. Bring a bag of some sort and leave the zipper open a little. Every few minutes reach down and look in the bag and say “Do you have enough air?”
  3. When the elevator starts moving say (really loud)    “I have new socks on!”
  4. Say “Welcome aboard!” every time someone new gets on.
  5. Make car noises.
  6. Say “DING!” on every floor.
  7. Press every single button.
  8. If someone is on the phone start to ask them questions like “do you know where I put my pants?”

Picture by: Atelier Teee



My Favorite Songs

Lots of my friends have put there favorite songs on there blog and I decided I would to so every one will know what kinda thing I listen too and they might like it. I will list 10  and I will put more on later.

  1. Pain-Jimmy Eat World
  2. Be my Escape-Relient K
  3. Poker Face-Lady Gaga
  4. Single Ladies (put a ring on it)-Beyonce
  5. Why Does it Always Rain on me-Travis
  6. Over my Head (cable car)-The Fray
  7. Kiss the Rain-Yiruma
  8. Red Flag-Billy Talent
  9. The Anthem-Pitbull ft. Lil John
  10. Cry-The Veronicas