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To Be or Not To Be

There are so many things that I could be.

  1. Author

Writing is my passion. I blog, I write poems, I write songs, I write storeys, I’m working on another book. The list goes on. I have been writing for a long time and it really helps me get rid of things that Idon’t want in my life and things that I need to move on from. When something happens with a friend… I write about it. When something happens in my family… I write about it. There was a really hard part of my life that probably lots of people go through and I want to be able to write about it and let the people that are going through it know that there are other people out there who go through the same thing. Writing can help you and other people get through things that are hard and I want to be able to do that and make a difference in some one’s life because of a book. That’s why I want to be an author.

   2. Hair Stylist

I like to be creative and use colour in things. Working with hair helps make other people feel good about how they look and its just so much fun. My mom and sister have friends who are hair dressers and my mom’s friend went to Paris to study painting and is in art school. My sisters friend is really creative and cool and does my sisters hair and it looks awesome. I just really want to be a hair stylist because its so fun and is a great way to be creative and meet some really interesting people.

  3. Motor Cross Racer

This one probably sounds ridiculous because a lot of people think that this kind of thing is for guys. Well no its not just for guys. I have been interested in motor cross racing for a while and ,unfortunately, I will not get the chance to ride as a kid. One because there is no place to ride. Two because the bikes are WAY to expensive. The chance of a life time is what I call it and even though I will most likely never make it close to going pro it would still be an awesome job to have.

  4. A Math Professor

Ah math. To most kids they run away from math and hate it but for me math is the best. Math and Science are my favorite subjects and I am pretty good at it. I like doing equations and chemistry. If not math I want tobe a chemist or something with computers. Math is just so cool and you can solve so many things with different math equations or rules.

  5.A Singer

Just like ever other little girl I always wanted t be a pop star. As I got older I got interested in differant kinds of music. I now want to be in a band or be a solo artist. I write songs adn play guitar and piano. I really enjoy playing music. I want to one day be successful in the music buisness.





This is my favorite picture I took with the software

The Glocal project. From Arts Umbrella.

Ah art. The best expression. A window into the soul. Art is so many different things it just depends on how you see it. Art is a way to express everything that is inside you. Writing, drawing, painting, poetry even dance and singing are all forms of art, but I have to say one of my favorite forms of art is photography. You can take a camera anywhere and capture something amazing. All the pictures I took were in the computer lab because the camera was like a web cam and it was attached to the computer.

Arts Umbrella is an art school in Vancouver, BC. People from age 2 – 30 are going to the school and taking classes or going there full time. We were lucky enough to have a teacher and a volunteer come to our school every morning for the last 2 weeks. Josh is a teacher at arts umbrella and he showed us some of his work and it was amazing and creative. Franziska is a volunteer from Germany who is also helping out. They are both very nice and fun.

The Process of taking a picture

What to do, what to do? When I take pictures I tend to get stuck when I’m limited to a space filled with computers and brown walls. Some times I had to get ideas from people around me. The picture I took is actually a picture of the computer I work at. The glass screen made beautiful patterns when I moved the camera around. The camera is connected with the USB port so we can’t move very far away. The software we used was easy to navigate and take pictures with and its a free program and you can get it off the site I have linked to above.


Again I want to thank Josh and Franziska for being so much fun and teaching us how to take a good picture and that you can get inspiration from anywhere.


Stop in The Name of the Law…

…The Canadian Justice System

I hope that anyone who reads this post never has to go to court for any reason whether it be witness, victim or accused.

A courtroom. One place you only want to be if your a lawyer or on jury duty or a judge. In class we have been learning about justice through the three little pigs story. That may sound funny but its a good story to use. We have been trying to figure out who should be brought to justice. One of the things we learned about is who is in the courtroom and what are there jobs. Here are some different jobs in a courtroom.

The Judge

The judge is one of the most important people in the courtroom. If there is no jury it is his job to decide if the accused is guilty or innocent. He/she has to listen carefully to the evidence and make sure the court is a safe place to testify. He makes sure the rules of the court are followed and makes a sentence for the accused if they are found guilty.

The Court Clerk

The court clerk is the official assistant to the judge. They call the court to order and makes the person on stand swear on there religious book (aboriginals may swear holding an eagle feather) or take an oath if the do not practice a religion, to tell the truth about everything they say.

Court Officer/Sheriff

The court officer is in the room to escort the accused to there seat and make sure the court stays safe. If the accused is already in custody the court officer may have to bring them to the prisoner box (A wooden box were if the accused are in custody may sit).

Crown Attorney

The crown attorney works for the province or territory. There job is to prove the accused is guilty by asking the victim and witness’s questions.

Fairness in Court

The court case must be fair to both people. The sentence depends on the crime and whether or not the judge or jury finds the accused guilty or not guilty. The court has to put everything they think about the accused to the side until they can be proved guilty or innocent.

 The accused family can not be their lawyer or be in the jury or be the judge of the trial because they will either think one way or the other and may choose unfairlyin the final choice. This also applys to the victims family. Family members involved in a case are not good because they are in a mind set that is not fair to both sides.

There must be enough evidance againest someone to put a case to trail. If there is no evidance to accuse someone then there is nothing but a crime left unsolved.


Well that just about wraps it up for now. I hope this information helps you and like before, I hope you never have to be in a court of law as the accused or victom.


Blue Skys

The grass is warm and soft to the touch. The breeze blows my hair around my face.I can hear bird song and see the mountains in the distance. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds that remind me of marshmallows. There’s a slight sweetness to the breeze. The trees seem to sway to some music only they can hear and all of this slowly lulls me into a trance. Memories run through my mind. A crow cries out in a near by tree bringing me back.  The only sound are the cars going by in the distance. A lift drifts by me on the afternoon air. Its so peaceful out here I can think clearly. Suddenly a Yellow buffalo flies through the sky. No I am not crazy its a plane. Such a beautiful day coming to a close and I think I am so lucky… to have a teacher who will let us go outside for an afternoon and do nothing.


To Blog or Not to Blog…

That is the question.

Ah, blogging. The true way to tell people what you think. If you’re using a pen and paper you can only show the people in your family and the people in your town but blogging makes it so you can tell the world what you’re thinking. I’ve been blogging for about 6 or 7 months and it’s added something to how I write.

Time to compare

I think that if I had the choice between paper and pencil VS. Blogging I would choose blogging. Blogging is a lot easier for me because typing does not take that long and its like playing the piano. Your fingers have to move in the same way. The sound of your fingers against the keyboard and the smooth flow of your hands moving across the keys…you can’t get that from a pencil and paper. Sitting in a class room listening to the teacher talk and talk about language arts and telling us what writing should be from some book compared to just getting to write and let people know what you think all over the world is so much better. Getting to learn in a different way and learn from other students and hear there views on things is (I find) more interesting because its more than just what a book has to teach you. It’s someone else talking.

The Reasoning

I write. I write a lot and to be able to write freely about something that I might be shy about is great. If people like it that’s great, but if they don’t like it its better then standing up in front of a class and have people laugh or point or snicker. You get to connect to people that you would have never met otherwise and you can find out what other classmates are really like. You can make friends with someone in your class that you might not have ever talked to. If you go and read their blog you get to know what their like and who they are.

I could talk forever about how great blogging is but instead if you want to know what it’s like to blog then you should find out for yourself.

Picture by: Kevin Zollman



In class we have been learning about something called the alert program. It is all about regulating your self! Here is the power point Brayden and I made!


In My Future I See…


In class we are getting the chance to explore the wonderful world of robots. Mr.Grey is a work experience teacher who used to work as a robotics teacher. He came into our class and brought some robots with him. One of the robots was called a Vexplorer and another robot that could pick up a tennis ball (I don’t know what it was called). Everyone got a chance to use the robots and drive them around. When I got a chance to drive one I picked up a juice box and drove over to the bucket we put them in to recycle. I dropped it in and handed the remote to someone else. I was so happy and it was so cool to be able to drive it and accomplish that. Getting to see the robots and drive them was so much fun. Mr.Grey also told us that here in the Comox valley there was going to be a robotics competition at Lake Trail High School. As soon as he said we were invited I wanted to go. I have always been really interested in robotics and science so this just made my week.

Robots are so interesting especially the way they move. They can spin, advance,reverse, move up and down and open and close a claw(if there is one).  When the robots came in we were spilt into different groups to use different robots. My group went into a different room and when we walked in there was a TV set up and you could see outside. We realized after a moment that it was a camera mounted on the robot. each of us got a chance to use the robot and pick up a juice box and put it back in the recycling bin. 

One great thing about this experience is we are being given the chance to work with something called “Lego Mind storms” which is a set of different parts that we can put together to make a robot and program it to do different things. Our old princible Mr. Berry (he now works at the school board office here in town) is buying our class two sets of them!!! I am really excited to get the chance to work with these robots and learn how to program and build them. I am really looking forward to working on this.


The Big Day

Today history will be made. Today is the day the President elect Barack Obama is made president of the United States of America.

I walked in my class this morning to find the lights of and everyone finding places to sit. On the Smart Board was the CBC live feed of the Inauguration of Mr. President Barack Obama. We saw the pray being said and then the vice president vowing to serve the country fairly and well. After that Aretha Franklin sang and then It was time for Barack Obama to make his promise to his country. The first line that he has to say is “I Barack Obama do solumly swear…” I can remeber that line like I was the one saying it. He had such a clear voice and it wasn’t shaking. He kept his composure through the whole thing. Having evey one screaming for you and everyone watching you and still stay calm is amazing and truly a talent.

I live in Canada so it doesn’t affect me as much as it does the USA but it does still have an affect on me. I think that this year the election was going to make history not only because its the first Afircan American president but if he hadn’t won its very possible that Hilary Clinton could have won and that would have been the first woman President of the United States. I really hope that everything works out well and that Barack Obama does a truly amazing job as president. 


New Year, New Resolution

So its a new year but, is it going to be a better year?

Many things happened last year. Some good, some bad. One good thing that happened was the first black president was elected. One bad thing the war in Iraqis still raging, but what about the environment? What happened to it through all of this?

I am very interested in the environmental things that are going on. I want to find a way to help my community. I would like to make a group of kids that work around the community to help clean up garbage that has been just thrown on the ground and also recycle. At my school we have a recycling program and I am part of it and the year before I was part of the compost club.

My resolution is to work harder on making my community cleaner and more environmentally healthy. If you want to do your part in your community then find a group of friends and work together to pick up garbage in your community. Ask your princeble if you can start a recycling program and work as a team to keep it going.

Picture by: monettenriquez


Christmas Break Dancer?

Our class was involed in a challenge to make pivot animations. The challenge: they had to be break dancing. This is my video. I love hip hop and street. I really love street so some of the moves I put in I learned from my dance teacher. Enjoy!

Break Dancing Pivot from Jan Smith on Vimeo.