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Okay so I just got a bunch of comments asking me about an RRS subscribtion. I’m twelve  and no longer have the tacher that tought me blogging so would anyone care to explain what that is because I really don’t know.



A good old Canadian band from Edmonton called Turn Me Up won Disband last year. They changed there name to Stereos and became one of the biggest new bands in 2009. There songs Summer Girl and Throw Your Hands Up are incredibly popular and some of there other songs include Hey cupid and Jet Black Cadillac. They are my favorite R&B/Hip Hop/alternative band. They have really good music and I love there songs.



I can haz cheezeburger

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Chris Brown: A sad story.

In Febuary of this year Chris was arrested for assualt on his girlfriend (at the time) Rhianna.  Since this happened there has been a lot of contraversay on what happened and he has been attacked with insalts and racial slurs on Facebook, Myspace and other internet sites. On his officail home page he has an apoligie video and I think that he deserves the chance to prove he is truly sorry for what happened. Check it out.

In part of the video he says that he grew up in a house with violence. If you didn’t know  he saw his step dad beat his mother when he was still very young. It would be a very hard thing to expeirince and it would affect him for many years to come.

I belive that Chris is a good person that made a very big mistake. It was a choice that was made out of anger and I hope he gains forgivness from more and more people. He is still the same person he was before and thats never going to change.



School is only 3 weeks away. Summer really went by quickly for me. For the last three weeks I have been traveling around Canada. I started out just going to a volleyball camp around home and I really had fun. Not even a week later We packed our bags and left to the lake. I wrote a post earlier this year about my two favorite places in the world and one of them is Seech lake. Its about 20 minutes out of Rossburn which is a small town north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love going there and seeing my family. This year was lots of fun because I got to babysit my baby cousin who is only 2 1/2. She is the cutest. I spent lots of time with Tyanna and Annika because they are the only girls. They are both younger then me. Annika is 9 and Tyanna is the baby. my other cousins are all boys and all at least 2 years older then me. I enjoyed seeing the people I haven’t seen since last year. After We spent 2 weeks there my mom, brother and I traveled with my some of my cousins to there home in Edmonton. In Edmonton Annika and I were doing a Ukrainian Dance camp with a group called the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers. They are a very big group and in the summers they do camps with who ever is interested. This year the Region we were focusing on was Polissia which is the least populated region in Ukrainian. We did lots of Ballet Barre and other various things. Taking this camp was awesome for me because I want to start helping with choreographing  some dances in my home dance group. I’m starting to really take my dance seriously. After a week there we finally started to travel back to my home land. Back to Beautiful British Columbia. We got to Vancouver 2 days later and spent a night at my second cousins. She had just gone to a Gay Pride perade which I think was great of her to do. She got to march down the streets (but she only did that for a little while) and then watch the perade. There were some really good pictures she got of all the people in the perade. The next day we got a farrey back to the Island and in 2 hours I was home. It was a long time away from everything I knew but it was fun.

Since I got home 3 days ago I have been spending lots of time with friends. My best friend Aja came to visit from Prince George and it was great to see her. The last two days I spent time with my some of my really good friends from around here swimming in a nearby river.  Its been a great summer and I hope it gets better.

CONGRATS COURTENAY!!!! We have beaten the heat record from many years in a row. The heat has been unbarable I hear. TO BAD A WASN’T HERE :P!!!!


Well, well, well!


So it summer… WHATCHA GONNA DO?  well I am very lucky this summer. My family owns a small lake in winnipeg and I get to go there in 2 weeks. Its one of my favorite places in the world. I also get to go to Edmonton becuase I get to take a… (dramatic pause) UKRAINIAN DANCE CAMP!!!!!!!! In Edmonton there is a group called Shumka and they are a ukrainian dance group and offer camp in the summer. Since I have been dancing for 7 years my mom and I decided that it was time I take a camp and my cousins who liv ein edmonton, the youngest, was going to a dance camp and so my aunt suggest I go and take the camp to so I get to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy about it. Also my best friend who moved to Prince George is going to be coming and I get to see her. This is going to be an awesome summer. Just this weekend me and my friend were at a party and there was face paint so we made him a pretty rainbow kittie and then he just made a mess on my face. It was still lots of fun.

Enjoy your summer and have fun!


Goodbye Grade Six!

There are only 25 days left in the school year for us and I think its time to reflect on the year. Grade six has been good to us. We have all made friends and lost friends. We have fought and made up and finally its all come to an end. The last month of this school year. The last month of Ms. Smith. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Its the end of the world. This is our last month with Ms.Smith. Wow. For most people they would be moving on to high school but in the valley elementary school goes until grade seven so we have another year at this school.

Looking Back

At the beginning of this school year we went to hornby island for our school trip. We stayed two nights with our friends in tents and did lots of activities. We learned about ourselves and others and made some really good friends. I learned in those 2 days most of the things I know about my friends. I learned that most of them are loud and some of them are quiet. Some are crazy and some are calm and some are just everything in between.

 My best friend moved to Prince George at the end of last year and coming back to school this year knowing she wasn’t going to be here was hard. It turns out with her not being here I made two best friends that I hang out with all the time. If she had been here I would have always been with her and I’m not saying its a good thing she moved it just I got to make other really awesome friends. Even though I lost some of my friends this year but I also made lots.


This year one of our units in PE was juggling. It was one of the most challenging things this year because it was so hard to keep a straight face. For my group we had Sophie, Haley, Chelsea, Max and me. We did our routine to “Mambo Number 5″  and it was pretty ridiculous looking. There was lots of arm flailing and leg kicks. It was just for humour and fun and I was not surprised we had lots of fun. We thought that no one could beat our crazy humour but sure enough someone did. Michael.G , Nicholas, Dom and Brayden had a very interesting moment. They practiced so much and worked on it a lot to land this one move at the end and they got it perfect on the last time but it all went wrong in their performance.  Michael went for the jump and … (dramatic pause) he missed and kicked Brayden. Brayden had been standing on his head and michael was supposed to jump over him. They had gotten it a couple of times and in the moment Michael didn’t get the right amount of height on his jump and kicked Brayden. They both fell over and ended up moaning on the ground. This is also my favorite moment from this year.

What’s Your Subject?

Lots of people have differant favorite subjects and no PE and Music do not count in this case because I am talking about academics. My Favorite subject is Math!!! Math is my favorite subject because I think it is just so cool. Chaeyoon also loves math and when it says math on the board she goes up and puts hearts and writes “MATH ROCKS”!!!! Math is so cool because you can figure out were a person is going by things that you know about them and what their pattern is. You can learn how to caculate the sqaure route of pie which you might not know what that is but its math. I really  love finding out eqations and differant formula’s. most people would say “EWWWWW math is gross” and ” thats crazy who likes math”. Well heres a news flash… I LOVE MATH!!!!!!!! Math is just so coool and fun and YAY!!!!!

The Wacky Gift Exchange

For christmas we had a wacky gift exchange. We each brought in a gift that we have had for a while that are jsut fun things that are humourus and joking around items. I brought in a gift that I have had for a while since I was about 7 and it was a very girly toy. I took 2 foam balls and painted them like faces and put them on pipe cleaners and then taped that to the box. I had choosen the biggest box I could find so someone unsuspecting would choose it thinking ti was something big and awesome. So when it was time to choose gifts a very unsuspecting hayden chose my gift. When he open it everyone started laughing and so didn’t he. He opened it to find a little doll that turn in this skirt to open it and make an ice cream shop. it was a pricless moment and very fun.


 The End

As the end of the school is just on the horizen I relise it has been a fantastic year through good times and bad. Next week on Thursday we will be saying good by to being juviniel and crazy and when we come back to the school we will be saying hello to our last year at valley view and having to be mature leaders at our school. I want to thank all my class mates for making this such an awesome year for me and to Ms.Smith who will be leaving the school next year. Also Good bye Chaeyoon!!! we will miss you so much when you go back to Korea



I Will Not Forget

I will never forget you no matter how long.
I will not forget how you were so strong.

You left us so quickly.
Not even goodbye.
And still to this you can see me cry

I will always miss and I will never forget

This is a post about my grandpa who passed away when I was six. My grandpa was so much more then just an old man. He was my best friend and a great man. He helped build a camp site that we still go camping at. Unfortunatly he fell asleep and did not wake up. He is in a better place now and I will remember the good times with him.

Grandpa Cliff



Happy Star Wars Day!

Your probably wondering…”what does she mean by happy star wars day?” . Well if you must know today is star wars day.  May the 4th be with you. You may not find that funny but it is to my class.




Mission BC. That’s where I have spent one weekend a year for the last 3 years dancing. As you probably already know form some of my other posts I am Ukrainian and I also am a Ukrainian Dancer. This weekend was the Mission Ukrainian Dance Festival. My dance group goes there for the one day of dancing and we always have so much fun. I’m going to tell you all about it.

Mission is a fairly small town near surrey BC. It’s pretty old too but there are some really new things like the school we preform at. There are a whole bunch of different groups. I think there were about 10 this year and each group has more then 20 dancers. One group has ten girls and ten guys in the age range of 15 to 18 and most of them have just arrived from the Ukraine this year. They were speaking Ukrainian the whole time. 

The Senior girls from my team (that’s the group I’m in) Got a bronze, a silver and a gold for the three dances we did. The gold was for our shawl dance. The adjudicator (the judge) said that the shawl’s are hard props to use and we used them very effectivly. We were called elegant. With our Privit (welcome dance) The younger kids missed there que so we lost points for it. We got a bronze for that dance. The third dance we did was a plotava dance ( a region in ukraine). We got a silver for it because we have only been practicing the full dance for a a coulpe weeks. We mixed up some of our timings on something and had our ribbons in the wrong hands at some points. But int he end we were only 2 points less then getting a gold so all in all we did pretty good this weekend considering the mistakes.

The best part about mission is the after party. We all get together in someone’s room and have a party. this year Austin Power: Gold Member was on TV so we were watching that and laughing really hard. There is also a pool in hotel we stay at and we spend most of our time (when were not dancing) in the pool. My friends at dance are like my family because This was my 8th year dancing with these kids. We are one large disfunctional family. We are best friends.