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Blue Skys

The grass is warm and soft to the touch. The breeze blows my hair around my face.I can hear bird song and see the mountains in the distance. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds that remind me of marshmallows. There’s a slight sweetness to the breeze. The trees seem to sway to some music only they can hear and all of this slowly lulls me into a trance. Memories run through my mind. A crow cries out in a near by tree bringing me back.  The only sound are the cars going by in the distance. A lift drifts by me on the afternoon air. Its so peaceful out here I can think clearly. Suddenly a Yellow buffalo flies through the sky. No I am not crazy its a plane. Such a beautiful day coming to a close and I think I am so lucky… to have a teacher who will let us go outside for an afternoon and do nothing.



Do you have one place where you go to escape all the troubles in your life? A place were you go just to take a break and breathe? Well I have two of those places and I would like to tell you about them.

Place #1:

My first place is a beautiful creek behind my house. I live in a small neighborhood with lots of kids the only thing is only 3 of the kids are my age the rest of them are younger or older and not just by one or two years. My youngest brother is two years older them me and the other one is 6 years older then me and not to forget my sister who is 8 years older then me. In my house if you don’t have a place to escape to you might not make it to long so when I get the chance I like to go to the little forest area right by my house and it has a creek running through it. Its a nice quite place and it gives me a chance to think about things and just enjoy everything that around me instead of hearing the screaming and yelling and loud banging music that my hose usually has. It is my favorite place to go…in town that is.

Place #2:

Don’t you just love the feel of sun warming your back? The feel of sand in between you toes? Well I love it and every summer I get a chance to enjoy it…with out the big crowds of a beach. In Beautiful Manitoba there is a little place called Rossburn. About an hour away is my favorite place. Its called Seech lake. On one side its a camp ground and RV site but that’s not were I go. On the other side of the lake is were I go every summer for about two weeks. That side of the lake (used to be) is called Seech Lake Resort… My family owns and the property. Ever since my mom was a kid she has been going there. She even lived there with all of her family for (2 years?) and after that lived there every summer. There is the main cabin and then an old school that we have renovated and now use it to stay in for the time we are there. There are some old cabins no one uses (an owl used to live in one it was scary) and then there is the old school house. It has a gym floor and a stage and it even has a piano in it but we don’t use it for that anymore. The windows and broken and covered up with wood and there aren’t enough lights inside so we use it to store everything like the beach toys and the water skies and wake board. Me and my cousin’s get the chance to really enjoy our summers here and if you have a fight with one of them or just need to get away there is always some were you can go just to breathe. The lake has beautiful clear waters and you can go snorkeling, rock diving or swim out to the trampolin we have on the water (its called a spalsh island and we always go and hang out on it). You can just lie on the sand and look up at the prarie sky and not worry about having anyone you don’t know there because its only our family. I love going to the lake it my favorite place on earth.

Now you know about my favorite special places and I can’t wait to hear about yours!

Picture by : _marota