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I can haz cheezeburger

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8 Ways to Annoy People in an Elevator

Have you ever been in an elevator with nothing to do and the elevator music is driving you insane? well I have and I have now developed a strategic plan. Annoy every one around you. Here are some idea’s on how to annoy them.

  1. Move into the corner and stick your nose in it and then meow on occasion.
  2. Bring a bag of some sort and leave the zipper open a little. Every few minutes reach down and look in the bag and say “Do you have enough air?”
  3. When the elevator starts moving say (really loud)    “I have new socks on!”
  4. Say “Welcome aboard!” every time someone new gets on.
  5. Make car noises.
  6. Say “DING!” on every floor.
  7. Press every single button.
  8. If someone is on the phone start to ask them questions like “do you know where I put my pants?”

Picture by: Atelier Teee