To Blog or Not to Blog…

That is the question.

Ah, blogging. The true way to tell people what you think. If you’re using a pen and paper you can only show the people in your family and the people in your town but blogging makes it so you can tell the world what you’re thinking. I’ve been blogging for about 6 or 7 months and it’s added something to how I write.

Time to compare

I think that if I had the choice between paper and pencil VS. Blogging I would choose blogging. Blogging is a lot easier for me because typing does not take that long and its like playing the piano. Your fingers have to move in the same way. The sound of your fingers against the keyboard and the smooth flow of your hands moving across the keys…you can’t get that from a pencil and paper. Sitting in a class room listening to the teacher talk and talk about language arts and telling us what writing should be from some book compared to just getting to write and let people know what you think all over the world is so much better. Getting to learn in a different way and learn from other students and hear there views on things is (I find) more interesting because its more than just what a book has to teach you. It’s someone else talking.

The Reasoning

I write. I write a lot and to be able to write freely about something that I might be shy about is great. If people like it that’s great, but if they don’t like it its better then standing up in front of a class and have people laugh or point or snicker. You get to connect to people that you would have never met otherwise and you can find out what other classmates are really like. You can make friends with someone in your class that you might not have ever talked to. If you go and read their blog you get to know what their like and who they are.

I could talk forever about how great blogging is but instead if you want to know what it’s like to blog then you should find out for yourself.

Picture by: Kevin Zollman

9 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog…

  1. G’day Sam,
    I am about to present at a conference about blogging safely in the big wide world and I was wondering could I use this post as an example of why some students love blogging?

  2. Hey there Sammy,
    Great post! You really have got a great idea about what blogging is all about and why it’s great! I would agree with everything there. Your blogging is awesome!

  3. Hi Sam, I believe your other post is part of the Edublogger’s Student blogging competition but you should also enter this post. Extremely well written and excellent work.

    You are doing really well with writing and your layout. It is also interesting to read why you like blogging. Keep up your excellent work!

  4. Congratulations on your win in the Edublogger student competition. Make sure you visit the Edublogger to get your badge which you can add to your blog.

  5. Wow… thats super cool. thats very interesting. i love it! Congrats on the winning 😀 aT the Edubloggers Competition ~cHrisitne

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  7. I really like what you did to your blog! and I wish i could do that to! But I relly think you should check out this!!!! Its awsome! And like Haily I think it is a good idea to!!

    LOVE IT!!!

  8. Hi Sam –

    Wow! Your post has almost reduced me to tears. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts as you have. You see, I work with teachers. Many of them do not value the role of blogs as a learning tool. They will use books without question but blogs – Heck No!! The problem for most I dare to say is that they are not bloggers themselves. They have not experienced the power of being connected, actively involved, confident collaborators who use online tools to connect to a real audience, who write for a real purpose and gain feedback from the global network they are connected to. So how do we get them to see this? How do we shift then into the 21st C?

    At the moment one school principal has prescribed that classes have to have a blog or wiki. His reasoning for this is that parents need to connect with the classrooms. Most parents work and so don’t get in during school hours. While this is an admirable reason it does not go far enough. It says nothing about the power of the blog as a tool to advance the students learning and connectedness. It says nothing about the value of a blog over a book, the later being an increasingly outdated tool in which students are pulled into, expected to write in and which noone else sees, and which at the end of the day goes into a dark cubbyhole, alone unopened, unread and where there is no-one to respond.

    Thank you too for the opportunity to respond. At least I feel that someone may hear my concerns and understand what I am saying – especially as they don’t seem to have heard them so far in the world that I work in.

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