I have more than one hero in my life. Some I know personally some I have never met. Some are dead. But all the same they are hero’s to me. Here are my top 5 hero’s.

At number 5:

Oprah. She is a truly amazing woman who has ever thing she could want or need and with all of that she is still a real person and helps with poverty through out the world. She has gone through struggles in her life such as here childhood. She had lived with her mother from when she was 6 to when she was 13. After suffering abuse and molestation, she ran away and was sent to a juvenile detention home at the age of 13, only to be denied admission because all the beds were filled. She was finally sent to live with her father. It must of been hard for her and now she is a successful talk show host and business woman. She once said “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always”. That line really makes you think. She is one of my hero’s.

At number 4:

Ghandi. He fought for what he believed and didn’t stop. He was against any violence, ate vegetarian, and also undertook long fasts for means of self purification and social protest. He never stopped fighting and ended up dieing for his beliefs. He was amazing. He was even thrown off a train in south Africa for his race but even then he never gave up.

At number 3:

Susie Mcgregor. Susie is my local teacher. Singing is her career and she is just amazing. When I go into the music studio the first thing I see is all her albums and posters. There are guitars on the wall and a piano. Susie is really nice and awesome to be around. She is a truly amazing musician and her voice is so beautiful. I really respect her and what she does. I hope to be as sucessful as her one day.

At number 2:

Donna Baydock. She was an olympic volleyball player. She is also my mom. My mom was on the jr national team and the national team for Canada. She was on both teams for a total of about 6 or 7 years. She has got me into volleyball and I love the sport. She was supposed to be in the 1980 summer olympics but they got canceled for Canada and 62 other contries. Maybe I will be able to live her dream.

At number 1:

David Regehr. My daddy. I am the biggest daddys girl but not because he gives me lots of stuff. Its the exact opposite. My dad doesn’t spoil me and doesn’t inrole me in everything I want to do. He keeps me grounded and if my mom wants me to do something that I don’t want to do he always does whats best for the family and for me. Every night he makes a family dinner before our activeities. He is also a drag racer. He takes our family to go see him race at one of the biggest tracks and he has got a licence to drive under 8 seconds. He introduced me to cars and I am really starting to like them. I love my dad and he is my biggest hero.

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One thought on “Heros

  1. Hi, I agree with you,Ghandi was a great inspiration for me too, I thought i was the only one that understood Ghandi he was strong with words,he fought with words and no matter how much he tried he NEVER gave up he is truly one of my HEROS.

    P.S What is it like in Vancover is it HOT like in San Antonio (texas) *thats were i live* or is it cold like a cold place that ive NEVER been to.

    PP.S What your daily schedule. is it fun

    PPP.S Do you do any special activities (i play the violin)

    PPPP.S You shold check out OUR class blog at http://www.gentis.edublogs.org


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