Okay so I just got a bunch of comments asking me about an RRS subscribtion. I’m twelve¬† and no longer have the tacher that tought me blogging so would anyone care to explain what that is because I really don’t know.

3 thoughts on “RRS?

  1. Hi Sam!

    An RSS feed is a way to subscribe to somethingy. It is that orange box thingy with a dot and then 2 lines after it. I’m not sure how it works though =O

    By the way, if you are getting the RSS comments from a guy named Christian Louboutin, mark them as spam (if you click on his avatar it brings you to a site that sells shoes). Most of my new classmates have gotten that comment, and I have gotten it too even though my blog has as RSS subscription feed.

  2. Hi sam!
    I am Freinds with your old class mate Danile! To awnser your question abn rss feed is something that will let your readers follow your blog by getting emails! Bye

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